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Institute of Theater Studies

Types of Courses and Requirements

Types of Courses and Requirements at the Department of Theatre Studies.h3. Proseminars (5 ECTS-Points)

Proseminars are part of the basic studies and show by means of concrete subjects exemplary knowledge interests, methods, scientific literature and modes of representation for Drama Studies. A recognition of 6 ECTS-Points, according to the assistant’s individually stated requirements, demands oral and/or written work (speeches, work in groups, written homework).

Basic Courses (6 ECTS-Points)

Basic courses make first year students familiar with central research results and problems of Theory of Theatre, History of Theatre, Dramaturgy and Analysis of Performance. They prepare the students for the exam at the end of their basic studies. A recognition of 6 ECTS-Points demands, according to the assistant’s individually stated requirements, achievement in the written examination at the end of the course and oral and/or written work (speeches, work in groups, written homework).

Seminars (6 ECTS-Points)

Seminars enable the students to deepen and broaden their knowledge and develop abilities to work independently of scientific literature on practical and theoretical problems. Through a conscious application of thesis, methods and theories, concrete questions are elaborated, which may be further developed in seminar papers or licentiates.

Lectures (3 ECTS-Points)

Lectures provide an overview on changes of theatrical complexes in Europe through the centuries.

Excursions (up to 5 ECTS-Points)

An excursion to the “Berliner Theatertreffen” (Festival in Berlin) takes place every year. This festival shows the “top performances” of the highly subsidised sector of professional theatre and provides material for academic analysis and discussion. Other excursions are organised on irregular basis. Numbers of participants are limited. Therefore, advanced students doing Drama Studies as their major subject, may be given preferential treatment.

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